image yangc TAICHI & QIGONG
Qi Gong Therapy consists of special techniques by which Qi is regulated through specific exercises or external manipulation.

Tai chi was originally a martial art that was found to be very beneficial outside of that context.  It is composed of a series of graceful poses that, executed in a meditative and disciplined way, strengthens the over-all health of the body.  Recent research has shown it to increase bone density, improve balance and decrease falls in the elderly.  In private lessons I teach a basic introductory form with emphasis on correct posture, mindfulness and relaxation. 

Those interested in learning the art in its most authentic form should be aware of a school in Boston's Chinatown.  Master Gin Soon Chu heads the school and teaches the complete Yang system, including aspects of the art known by only a few. 


Jeffrey S. Matrician, Lic. Ac., MAOM

22 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA  02472
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