Within Chinese Medicine there are over 4000 separate substances that are used for treatment.  Most of these are prepared as strong and often bitter tasting teas, although, through modern technology, concentrated herbs in pill and powder form are now available. 

Chinese Herbal therapy differs from other forms of herbal treatment in that prescriptions are not given out based on the specific disease, but on individual symptoms, medical history, predispositions and constitution.

Chinese Herbal Therapy complements acupuncture treatment for most ailments, and, in many cases, Herbal Therapy is a more suitable treatment modality since it treats a deeper level of the body.  Patients who take herbal medicine while undergoing acupuncture are expected to recover sooner than those who do one or the other.  In China, Herbal Therapy is considered more effective for long-standing problems, in which, the body requires constant nourishment to get better, or in cases in which acupuncture is not expected to obtain results.  

The basis of Chinese diet therapy is to eat according to the same principles that govern Chinese herbs.   Unfortunately, the American diet is often the root of many medical conditions, such as: diabetes, depression, ADD/ADHD.  Therefore it must be seriously addressed when it is a large contributing factor.


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