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An understanding of Chinese Medicine requires an understanding of the meaning of Qi.  The concept of Qi is an ancient one, in which an indefinable fluid-like something underlies and composes all things.  All phenomena are understood to be the result of its subtle motion and transformation. 

Today, we would associate this with the concept of  "energy."   Yet "energy" does not exactly bring to mind the same attributes as the ancient concept of Qi.  Energy is measurable, mathematical and deeply steeped in scientific reasoning.  Qi, however, is poetic and immeasurable.  It is experienced individually and personally.   It is the substance of our feelings, sensations and impulses as well as of things understood more concretely.  Through our Qi we are connected to the world, also composed of a gradient of Qi. Thus nothing is truly separate and isolated regarding Qi. 

With care and attention, the goal of the traditional practitioner is to follow the basic movements and relationships of Qi.  Natural and uninhibited Qi is health and harmony.  Blocked, stagnated or disharmonious Qi gives pain and disease.  All forms of treatment in Chinese Medicine are an attempt to return the dynamic of Qi back to a natural and moving state.

With the understanding of Qi as its basis, a complete and systematic form of medicine emerged in China over 2000 years ago.  The system traditionally has five branches.

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